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Isomag is a full range of electromagnetic flow meters from DN3 to DN2000 and pressure up to 250 bar. They are available in compact or separate version, wafer (up to DN400) or flanged mounting, with a wide range of options for electrodes and lining materials. The ISOMAG range includes sanitary design 3A certified for food applications, or WRAS approved material for drinking water applications. ISOMAG flow meters are MID001 and MID004 and OIML R49-1 certified making them suitable for custody transfer purpose. A range of insertion flow meters allow installation and removal from the pipe while under pressure.

ISOMAG sensors can be connected to a wide choice of converters from simple 2wire design, to high speed sampling for fast filling applications. Optional outputs/interfaces like MODBus, Profibus, Hart, and data logging are available. A powerful battery powered converter with pressure inputs and GPRS wireless communication may be paired with all flow tube sensors in the range.

The meters are manufactured and tested in an ISO 9001 and OHSA 18001 certified plant, following international guidelines for flow meter manufacturing such as ISO4064 or EN14154.



ISOMAG® - ISOCHECK - Verificator
ISOCHECK is a device designed to perform tests on ML110 and ML210 converters.
The tests are managed by a software interface called ISOCHECK INTERFACE.
The tests are performed on the follow >>>


ISOMAG® - APL - Solar Power Supply Module
APL allows the powering of any converter of the Flowiz™ family using a photovoltaic module.
The system includes a solar panel that converts sunlight into the electrical energy and an electroni >>>


ISOCAL - Verificator
The ISOCAL verificator permits insitu verification of ISOMAG Electromagnetic flowmeter and eliminates the expensive and time-consuming necessity of meter removal and reinstallation.
Additionally I >>>


ISOMAG - CIAO plastic sensor for electromagnetic flowmeter
The plastic CIAO sensor with patented connection system and closing through metallic clamps, is ideal for applications where volumetric counters are normally used, with all the advantages of the elect >>>


ISOMAG - Microflow sensor for electromagnetic flow meter MS501
The MS 501 ‘microflux’ sensor is the smallest instrument of the series, with a wide range of process connections for all the applications.
Body material: SS AISI304/316
Nominal diameter: fro >>>


ISOMAG - Microflow sensor, in Polypropylene, for electromagnetic flow meter MS600
The MS 600 ‘microflux’ sensor has a wide range of process connections for all the applications.
Body material: PP
Nominal diameter: from ND 3 to ND 20
Flow range: 0…12.500 l/h
No >>>


ISOMAG - Wafer sensor for electromagnetic flow meter MS1000
The MS 1000 ‘wafer’ sensor is easy to be mounted thanks to the absence of flanges; it can be installed by inserting it between counter flanges of various type (UNI, DIN, ANSI, JIS etc.).
It is s >>>


ISOMAG - Sanitary sensor for electromagnetic flow meter MS 2410
The MS 2410 ‘sanitary’ sensor is specific for food or pharmaceutical plants. It is resistant to the vacuum (absolute 200 mbar at 100°C), ideal for CIP cycles, 3A and FDA certificates.
Body mater >>>


ISOMAG - Flanged sensor for electromagnetic flow meter MS2500
The MS 2500 ‘flanged’ sensor , for universal utilization, suited for all the application and flow ranger, is available with the widest diameters range.
Body material: Carbon Steel and SS AISI30 >>>


Electromagnetic Flow Measurement


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